Ingest / Catch-Up TV

Control the entire process
With Catch-Up TV, it is easy to capture all your video streams and then edit and reassemble them to include advertising and trailers. This video capture and editing solution creates a video file you can transfer immediately to an FTP server. It eliminates time constraints as most of the processing is done in parallel.
We perform the edits and create the media based on an XML edit list provided by your automation system, and then upload it to a transcoding farm for playback over multiple channels (Web, Smartphones, set-top boxes); you can even trigger an upload to the telecoms operator's FTP site.
Catch-Up TV is a powerful, reliable, autonomous tool which recovers your AsRun files (.XML, .CSV, etc.) to recognize your edit points.
Use Catch-Up TV to control your content, from capture to broadcast.

  • Simple, accessible operation
  • The Dubmaster version, based on Matrox technology, provides frame-accurate cutting and supports a large number of formats (DV, XDCAMn IMX, MXF)
  • The Pige version, based on Decklink and/or Deltacast technologies, enables GOP-accurate editing; it supports WMV and H264 formats.
  • Catch-Up TV with DubMaster (I-frame editing) or Pige Antenne (GOP-accurate editing)
  • Manages up to eight stereo audio tracks
  • SD-SDI or HD-SDI input, with timecode for frame-accurate editing
  • Up to 8 inputs per server
  • 24/7 media archiving
  • Supports multiple formats (DV, MPEG, MxF, MOV…)
  • Manages SD and HD closed captions (Ceefax and OP47 standards)
  • Automatic transmission to FTP
  • Automatic import of AsRun
  • Automatic purge
  • Manages metadata


What's new ?

  • 3U rack with redundant power supply
  • RAID 5 storage
  • Bi-Xeon processor
  • SD or HD video with embedded audio
  • 16-bit, 48 KHz stereo audio capture
  • Timecode input for timestamping
  • Watchdog to automatically restart the application

Add a transcoding server : The optional transcoding server can rapidly generate several formats to make your file available on multiple FTP sites in minimal time.