Flexicart / ClipShuttle

Secure digital archiving
ClipShuttle's innovative interface lets you control the robot, VTRs, and brand positioning, giving you an overview to verify your captures.  Exchange clips and brands easily with other applications (such as Content Share2 from Grass Valley, and Dalet Enterprise). Numerous shortcuts soften the learning curve and let you trigger workflow actions (MPEG-1, AVID Isis Transfer, etc).
Many national and international stations, as well as various regulatory bodies and government organizations use ClipShuttle to digitize hundreds of thousands of hours of programming based on a wide range of workflows.
ClipShuttle is a highly-secure capture and supervision solution.

  • Simplified ergonomics
  • Integrates into any system or MAM traffic with our original external control protocol
  • Capture any type of content without worrying about the hardware architecture
  • Workflow engine automatically triggers custom processing: FTP export, MPEG-1 conversion, AVID export, etc.
  • Video server generates both high-and low-bandwidth copies
  • Improve your productivity thanks to the Shuttle Pro controller
  • Simultaneously record up to 6 VTRs and one Flexicart® robot
  • Resume function for your old and fragile tapes
  • Automatically trigger the Quality Check channel
  • Workflow triggering
  • Shuttle Pro controller for easy mark-up
  • Display the status of all your VTRs and servers on a single page

What's new ?

  • Controls multiple VTRs for data capture
  • Ethernet control of video servers
  • Opto-isolated RS-422 ports
  • Integration in Grass Valley Content Share 2 or Dalet Enterprise via ActiveX
  • Data entry via drag-and-drop
  • Capture
  • Crash Record
  • Multi-channel
  • Quality check
  • Flexicart®