Compliance recording / Pige Antenne

The power to control
Recording, storage, and security: Pige Antenne makes broadcasting safe and simple. Designed for both regulatory authorities and TV stations, Pige Antenne has become the leading media monitoring solution.
Record radio and audiovisual content (including the source, closed captions, and up to eight audio tracks) to digital media 24/7, and easily find your recordings, either live or pre-recorded. Our intuitive browsing system lets you retrieve a sequence at any time in order to play your content or export it to other media (DVDs, CDs, etc.). With Pige Antenne you can supervise all your ASI/SDI streams from a single screen, and create SD or HD video tiling in real time with multi-audio.
Since April 2016, Anyware Video has upgraded its Compliance Recording system Pige Antenne to a new version, Pige Antenne 2 filled with exciting and top of the line features.
Users can now enjoy a unified interface for the reviewing of both live and recorded media, all through the simple operation web browser. A timeline area also allows operators to easily browse through the recorded media and have a better overview of the status of recordings, either now or in the past.
Pige Antenne's highly secure hardware and software architecture guarantees total reliability.

With Pige Antenne, nothing is left to chance.

  • A solution you can use right out of the box
  • Scalable software offering numerous extensions
  • Control of closed captions, logos, signal loss
  • Media compatible with the DVB-T/DVB-S signal in ASI
  • Manages over 25 sources from a single system, and can create several different video tiling schemes
  • Broadcasts your sources over the network in multicast or unicast mode
  • Suitable for use on mobile phones or VPN
  • Web client
  • Format detection: 4/3 and 16/9
  • Import AsRun Automation
  • Unlimited number of channels
  • Extension available to NAS, SAN or Robot
  • Timestamping, logo and source name overlaid in the video file
  • Recording between 256 Kbps and 136 Mbps
  • Automatic erasing and exporting to external storage available
  • Local and remote searching and viewing
  • Export to VHS, burn CDs or DVDs
  • Detection of audio and video signal loss
  • SNMP traps

What's new ?

  • Multiple Format Export (wmv, MPEG4)
  • Timeline control: for better control of recordings
  • A unified interface which gives a global overview of all recordings
  • Ultra HD (4K)
  • Video tiling (up to 9 simultaneous sources): control and monitoring
  • Live streaming
  • H264 and AAC formats
  • Subtitles detection
  • 1U rack with redundant power supply
  • RAID 5 storage
  • SD or HD video with embedded audio
  • 16-bit, 48 KHz stereo audio capture
  • Timecode input for timestamping
  • Measured reliability greater than 99.9%
  • Watchdog to automatically restart the application
  • Recording in WMV or H264/AAC format
  • Air time tracking module : Monitor the effective air time of a speaker and/or political party
  • Subtitles
  • Catch-Up module
  • Multi audio
  • Diagnostics/Supervision : Use this extension for one-click supervision of all your channels from a computer or a Smartphone. It is designed for local stations and offers secure, flexible supervision at an attractive price.
  • Remote maintenance