Subtitling / CastTitle

Simplified subtitling

CastTitle, based on the CastGenie on-air graphics engine, is an important addition to the Anyware Video family. It meets all our standards for ergonomics, innovation, extendibility, and reliability. This optimized solution lets you include functions for anamorphics, dubbing, audio mixing, and audio description.

Subtitles are programmable from station traffic, automation, or the broadcast interface. You can change them in any way and at any time.
By choosing an all-in-one solution you need fewer drivers, reduce your energy consumption, and simplify deployment because you can control all signal processing from a single workstation.

Over sixty TV stations use this integrated, pragmatic solution.


  • A solution you can use right out of the box
  • A plethora of functions in a single solution
  • Modular design with numerous extensions
  • Highly reliable software thanks to a PC architecture based on Supermicro technology, Matrox capture/broadcast cards, and a software and hardware passthrough which adapts to the slightest disruption
  • Optional audio mixing, audio description, and anamorphics functions: no hardware changes required
  • Directly broadcast your STL files
  • System upgradeable to an on-air graphics engine
  • Integrates into system traffic and automation

What's new ?

  • Supports the Newfor® protocol
  • SD-HD data bridge (with video upscaling/downscaling)
  • 1U rack with redundant power supply
  • RAID 5/6 storage
  • SD or HD video with embedded audio
  • Software and Mechanical Bypass
  • 4/3 and 16/9 anamorphics
  • Audio mixing & dubbing
  • SD or HD on-air graphics engine