Playout server / DubMaster

Unhindered broadcasting
The video server DubMaster® offers you the possibility to capture video content and to broadcast it in multi-format for your IP and/or SDI feeds in SD, HD or 4K. Specially designed for the TV channels and production sites, it is well integrated with the solutions that are already being used in the master control room and handles a set of tasks in the broadcasting process: capture and playout, TimeDelay, editing and manual or automatic montage of the programs of your AsRuns (automatic generation and transfers to the telecommunication operator or the Catch-Up TV websites).

It allows the automatic generation and the streaming of lower-resolution copies (the DASH Technology is used to make automatic proxy files).

Its parallel multi-encoding and multi-transcoding technologies make DubMaster suit your workflow perfectly.

DubMaster®, a thought for the broadcast firms that want to go beyond the constraints.


  • Intuitive use thanks to redesigned ergonomics
  • Open software easily adapts to multiple enhancement capabilities
  • Hardware architecture optimized for “On Air” management
  • Customizable programming interfaces
  • Tested, reliable solution
  • Fully configurable
  • Migrates easily to new architectures
  • Saves time through simultaneous playback of all formats
  • Records in multiple formats and performs video streaming
  • Up to 48 reversible channels (capture and playout)
  • Up to 1 UHD channel
  • Input/Output IP
  • Downscalling from HD to SD (or UHD to HDà on the second output
  • Automatic downscale/upsacle of your media
  • Upgradeable to subtitles and logos without additional material
  • Loop recording with a transparent resume after the interruption
  • TimeDelay with confidence output and Asrun control
  • Supports all broadcast codecs
  • Customizable metadata import tool (EPG, Conductor, AsRuns, XMLs, ...) to fill in the informations of your assets while being recorded
  • Edit/Comment your live events while they're recorded. Have them transcoded in up to 8 formats less than 1 minute after they're done being recorded (with all associated metadatas)


What's new ?

  • Loop recording with pause and resume
  • TimeDelay with a confidence output and control by AsRuns
  • Catch-Up TV: Apple ProRes 422 support
  • 3U rack with redundant power supply
    • RAID 5/6 storage
    • SD-SDI 422: SMPTE 259M
    • HD-SDI 422: SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 372M
  • SD, HD and UHD HDR video with embedded audio
  • 16-bit, 48 KHz stereo audio capture
  • Timecode input for timestamping
  • Watchdog to automatically restart the application
  • Anamorphosis (zoom, pan & scan, letter box, etc...)
  • Broadcast of closed captions
  • Audio mixing & dubbing
  • Logos, text
  • Catch-Up TV