Dynamic On-air graphics / CastGenie

Rethinking the ground rules
CastGenie is the unlimited solution for creating and editing your on-air graphics at any time. Its advanced signal processing functions (such as closed captions, anamorphics, and audio mixing) help you enhance your station's image. This open software is compatible with all types of automation, and its numerous features, for creating graphics and playlists or performing automatic media transfers, offer the flexibility you require.
Manage your editorial content using features such as color gradation, texture mapping, border thickness and color, shading, character and line spacing, alignment (autofit, 2-D DVE with subpixel rendering), and automatic import of source files in TXT, CSV, HTML, and RSS formats via a Watch folder.
Use our finely-tuned ergonomics to modify your creations as you see fit, either before or during the broadcast; our modular architecture is compatible with a wide range of configurations.
By choosing an all-in-one solution, you need fewer drivers and you reduce energy consumption. Deployment is simplified as you can control all signal processing from a single workstation.
CastGenie is the on-air graphics engine of choice; for over a decade it has been the obvious favorite of hundreds of stations.

  • Advanced ergonomics designed for intuitive use—start immediately without training
  • Global supervision of the entire processing chain
  • A secure, optimized web client interface for live broadcast control
  • Tools for controlling and configuring the use of each line
  • Lower equipment costs (less cabling, smaller footprint and cooling systems, lower energy consumption, reduced third-party costs)
  • Intuitive on-air editing (games, sports, etc.)
  • Support for SD/HD/4K HDR, Dolby-E, subtitling
  • Definition of scenario templates
  • High security for both data and broadcasting (RAID 5, hardware pass-through)
  • Manage a large number of static or animated layers
  • Playout of clips in multiple formats (DV, MPEG, MxF, MOV, etc.)
  • Unicode support (Arabic, Mandarin, etc.) 

What's new ?

  • Ultra HD (4K) with High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Closed-caption management
  • Automatic anamorphic function (4/3 or 16/9e)
  • AFD/VI (Video Index) insertion
  • Audio dubbing
  • Audio description
  • Dolby E and Dolby digital


  • SD, HD, UHD HDR video (720p, 1080i, 1080psf) with embedded audio
  • 10-bit YUV 4:2:2 video capture
  • 32-bit, 48 KHz audio capture
  • DVE hardware
  • Dolby-E


  • 1 UTC input for synchronization with the control room timecode
  • 1 RS-422 input for automated control
  • 1 reference input
  • 1-4 SDI inputs with 16 embedded audio tracks
  • 1 SDI program output with key


  • Live video resizable in real time (DVE)
  • Low-throughput Windows Media 9 or DV clips (SD), H264
  • Audio track
  • Customizable digital or analog clock
  • Animations with transparency
  • SMS text messages and chats, news
  • Text with shading, borders, and rotation
  • Static logos with rotation
  • Rolling/crawling titles
  • Unicode support (Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, etc.)
  • Open captions
  • Ticker, closed captions


  • Sub-pixel rolls/crawls
  • DVE for live video and clips
  • Fade
  • Wipe
  • Programmable moves, transparency, volume, etc. 
  • Audio mixing :  Mix your audio tracks with audio-description files or with the translation of a program-no need to recapture your programs.
  • Anamorphic function : Include it directly in your graphics—no additional equipment or automation driver required.
  • Subtitling : Add multi-line, multipage & multilanguage closed captions and subtitles to your programs and direct recordings (using the Newfor® protocol) directly from our graphics solution.
  • Video server / Automation : Transform your CastGenie into a “Channel-In-A-Box” with the high definition clip playback option. No need for a stack of equipment: directly control your chain with a single interface.