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New, full-scale, UHD/HDR technical test

After broadcasting "Le Corsaire" and "Carmen" in ultra HD, ARTE and its partners are conducting another full-scale UHD/HDR technical test from 12 to 22 September 2018

Press Release: New, full-scale, UHD/HDR technical test


Anyware Video at IBC

Anyware Video at IBC2018 is showcasing its flagship products. The release of its UHD HDR Channel-in-a-box OneGenie® and the global adoption of its IP&4K products wows to continue delivering an added value for their broadcasting operations.


Visit us Hall 8, Booth B36b

Published 08/16/2018

Anyware Video at Cabsat - Dubai


Anyware Video at CABSAT 2018 showcasing its flagship IP & 4K product line. Thanks to its state-of-the-art R&D, its flagship product line supports all the newest broadcast standards, for the deployment of 4K/full-IP/Ultra-HD channels. It offers broadcasters the capability to harness the full power of IP based workflows while working with top of the line UHD media and codecs.


Anyware Video will demonstrate its products at Cabsat, Booth ZB6-D56 on the Creative France Pavilion.

Press Release: Anyware Video at CABSAT 2018 showcasing its flagship IP & 4K product line

Published 15/12/2017

Anyware Video at IBC


Anyware Video is proud to announce the showcase of its new updated product line which integrates 4K and IP support. Anyware Video enable the broadcasters to harness the full power of IP based workflows while working with the latest generation of UHD media and codecs.

Visit us Hall 8, Booth B36c
Published 08/09/2017


Anyware Video and Arkena unite to introduce an innovative solution for 4K broadcast

Press Release: Arkena and Anyware Video unite to introduce an innovative solution for 4K broadcast

Published 10/09/2016


Anyware Video Pige Antenne Compliance Recording


Since April 2016, Anyware Video has upgraded its Compliance Recording system Pige Antenne to a new version, Pige Antenne 2 filled with exciting and top of the line features.

Users can now enjoy a unified interface for the reviewing of both live and recorded media, all through the simple operation web browser. A timeline area also allows operators to easily browse through the recorded media and have a better overview of the status of recordings, either now or in the past. Please contact for more information!

New features:

  • Multiple Format Export (wmv, MPEG4)
  • Timeline control: for better control of recordings, gives users an user friendly approach to browsing and reviewing recordings, with an interface similar to those used in video editing softwares
  • A unified interface which gives a global overview of all recordings


Published 12/04/2016


Anyware Video represents the French excellence in Tokyo



Anyware Video represents the French excellence in Tokyo, on 3-5 october at Miraikan, the Museum of Science and Innovation. Anyware Video showcases its latest innovation in the framework of the official launch by Manuel VALLS, the Prime minister and Mr Shinzo ABE, the Prime Minister of Japan of the French Japanese Innovation Year.

Published 03/10/2015


IBC2015: Anyware Video strengthens its presence and celebrates new international success !

Press release IBC 2015


Anyware Video will expose its R&D’s latest 4K versions of “Channel-in a-box® 4K” and “CastGenie® 4K” at IBC         Anyware Video solutions compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers

Published 06/08/2015


Anyware Video showcased its latest innovations at Demo Day in Tokyo

The Orange Fab Asia Demo Day was the perfect opportunity to showcase Anyware Video’s products to all kinds of members from the technology sector to  journalists. Here at Anyware Video, we are always on the lookout for inspiring events such as these, because they are key to the development of open innovation and design syncing and they allow us to extend our professional network in Japan.





 Published 02/07/2015

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